Core Traffic Control Company Profile

Core Traffic Control is a local Darwin family owned and operated company. Established in Darwin in 2010, Core Traffic Control is rapidly becoming one of the largest providers of traffic management services in the Northern Territory.


Our vision at Core is to become the “Service Provider of Choice” for all contractors working on or near the roadway in the Northern Territory. We intend to achieve this by operating in accordance with our four “Core Values”.


At Core, safety is everyone’s responsibility, especially ours. The safety and health of our employees, contractors, clients and visitors is paramount. We ensure all of our traffic control personnel have received accredited training prior to commencement of work and are only assigned to projects appropriate to their level of skill and experience. Risk management planning is conducted prior to the commencement of all scheduled works and personal protective equipment issued is appropriate to such a high risk and harsh working environment.


Being family owned and operated means Core is passionate and proud to deliver a level of personalised, professional service that others simply can’t match. Core strives for continual improvement and demonstrates industry leading innovation. We believe all of our clients will identify and appreciate the loyalty and commitment we are consistently able to provide.


Personal oversight at each project ensures the consistent, reliable and dependable performance by traffic control personnel at all times. Our new, modern, clean and well branded equipment and traffic control vehicles attracts attention to each work site and enhances overall site safety. When you engage Core Traffic Control you can rest assured our service, personnel and fleet of vehicles is the most reliable and safest in the industry.


Whilst safety, service and reliability are of the utmost importance at Core and shall never be compromised, honesty and integrity form the foundations of our “Core Values”. At Core you will receive an honest evaluation by knowledgeable, experienced traffic management practitioners as to the most practical and efficient methodologies and utilisation of resources in order to minimise the associated risks and costs to each project.